Building a Successful Travel Blog is Simple Just Ask Jesus

“How can she be writing about building a successful travel blog, when this is her second travel blog post?” Well, because the formula for creating a successful blog or website of any sort is out there and pretty clear cut.

Please keep in mind, the title says ‘simple’ it does not say ‘easy’. Creating a successful travel blog, is certainly not easy. In fact, it is incredibly hard. It means extremely long hours of focused dedication. Yet, the basics are the same.

Like the picture above, (taken in Rome, Italy 2015 inside of the Flavian Amphitheatre aka Colosseum), there is a sense of infinity when it comes to the important tasks at hand, and it can be daunting…. very, very daunting.

Also, like the building of the structure in the photograph above, building a following has not altered since the beginning of time. Perhaps the tools have changed, but not the premise. Just ask Jesus.

Historically speaking, the story goes, that he (or is it He?) created a following by creating his own platform. He remained consistent in his theming, was prolific in making sure his information got out to his audience and even though he came upon many hurdles, you’ve gotta admit, he was persistent and ultimately pretty effective.

Endless are the things you can do to boost your posts and build your audience. If you really want to build up your ranking, you must not only write interesting posts,

take beautiful pictures, update and maintain social media. You must also know your audience, understand the semantics of supply and demand, be unique or charismatic, and/or fill a needed gap. All while maintaining that good writing and photography consistently, as well as keeping on top of the ever changing needs of the Interwebs, understanding tags, keywords and the (also ever changing) needs of effective SEO.

Now, yes… I know these things. I can even effectively coach you on them and potentially help you succeed in your goal. But honestly, I’ll likely do what I can to skim the surface of my own very crucial points and end up winging it, because… hey it’s what I do! Only the future can tell us if I succeeded or not, and obviously…. we aren’t there yet!

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