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As a solo traveler, I have moved about this planet since my teens. My life of travel settled down a bit while raising my son but we did as much travel as we could. My son is grown now and quite the wanderer himself, so now in my 50’s, I have started rambling once again.

In early 2017, completely on a whim, I got rid of my home and started selling off my stuff. Subsequently I’ve been living a transient life filled with travel via AirBnB, some really shitty motels and the kindness of friends. I often feel as a traveler of both space and time

Soon I will live full time in my vintage camper. Moving around the US, in between my other travels. Hopefully the camper will be rolling along soon (fingers crossed).

Having stuff in storage or in someone’s garage in 4 different states is a big pain in the ass. Prepping for this is taking far longer than expected.

It takes a really long time to rid oneself of 50+ years of stuff.

Camper life. Fan Lee Liner Vintage camper
1971 Fan camper will soon be my only home. Life of travel

In An Alternate Universe Far Far Away

I worked in the music business which allowed me to travel some, settling for about 13 years to raise my son. Together, we moved around a bit, but remained semi put for stabilities sake.

In 2005, on an earlier whim (are we seeing a pattern here?). I put my condo up for sale and it sold in an hour. Within 45 days I got rid of almost everything we owned, put the rest in storage, boarded the kitties and hit the road to travel with my kid.

For 3 months we traveled across the US. From Florida to the tip of Northern California. This fantastic journey landed us in Austin Texas in which we lived for nearly 5 years.

Bluebells in Austin Texas by Solo Traveler Rootless Routes Travel Life
The Bluebells of Austin Solo Traveler Elizabeth Whitener Rootless Routes

My Travel Life Inspiration

In 2015 one of my dearest friends, who had been in a successful punk band in the 90s, got the chance to tour again and invited me to come and see them in Italy.

So as any responsible adult would do, I shut down my consulting business and ran off to travel in Italy for a month.

Babes in Toyland by Elizabeth Whitener Italy 2015 Travel Italy
Babes in Toyland, Marina Di Ravenna Italy 2015 Elizabeth Whitener Rootless Routes.

The trip was life altering! Not because I got to see Lori and Babes in Toyland play (although that was fantastic). Not because Italy is amazing (which it is), but because I rented a car and drove all three coasts of Italy. I drove and drove and drove!

Check out my driving routes for the Scottish Highlands (sadly I did not record my Italy trip.

Laundry by Elizabeth Whitener Venice Italy 2015 Solo Traveler
Solo traveler in Venice Rootless Routes Elizabeth Whitener Venice Italy 2015

On this travel journey the benefits of driving the places I travel were first realized. The freedom offered by renting a car and driving to the places I wished to visit was absolute bliss. (and far easier than I had imagined). I was ecstatic driving the winding roads of Amalfi. Titillated by beautiful highways across Tuscany and thrilled by the country roads into Ravenna.

Traveling to photograph Babes
Babes in Toyland. Marina di Ravenna 2015 Photo by Elizabeth Whitener

You Just Never Know

On the road in continuous travel for almost a year now,  means I’m pretty broke. I have much less stuff but it is still everywhere and will take time to rid myself of all of it.

I have always loved to travel. Now travel has become my way of life. I am anxious and often exhausted, but because every moment feels truly like a new adventure in and of itself. I relish every second of it from good to bad. Even more than I did before.

It might all go to shit, who knows? I won’t know until I try it. You just never know.

Follow along and find out.  Oh yeah and stop by my shops, pick up a trinket or some vintage clothes and help the cause.

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  1. I’m glad you’re here on planet Earth, at this time, to help maintain the balance of our wonderful & precious universe, E. W. (FB friend of C. M. L.) I started readin’ here after seein’ your FB post askin’ C. M. L. for web site assistance, & couldn’t stop. I’m truly fascinated with you & your life. Please KEEP IT COMIN’!

    David Hand
    Inner Starlight™ & Why Know?™ Gift Products (divisions of Helping Hand)
    Garnerville NY USA
    (845) 445-8057

  2. What a fantastic story! You haven’t let fear of the unknown hold you back from following your heart; my hat goes off to you. My husband is from Italy, so I’ve been there a couple of times. We’re going again for several months beginning in March. Can’t wait! 🙂

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