Roadside Assistance | 16 Miles From Madrid New Mexico

ME: Uhhh, I’m on an isolated, unpaved farm road in the middle of the desert at 3am. So yes, unless the coyotes get me.

RA: Silence

ME: *sigh* Yes! I’m ok

RA: How May I assist you

ME: I have a flat tire and need roadside assistance

RA: To best assist you I need to get some information first

ME: OK, but first are you sure you can get somebody out to me here? If not I’ll call AAA.

RA: First a few questions

What’s your name please?

ME: Elizabeth Whitener

RA: Spell that please


RA: W H I T N E R?


RA: W H I T T?

ME: Whitener… like tooth polish

RA: Long pause.


ME: White ! As in the colour than N E R

I can tell she still doesn’t have it.

RA: Address please

Ahhh, she’s going to try and find me via my address.

I found you.

Year, make, model and colour of car?

ME: 2004 Lincoln Aviator, Silver

ME: I’m the only vehicle on a 15 mile swath of road in the middle of the night, can’t confuse me.

RA: Where in Texas are you located

ME: I’m not in Texas I’m in New Mexico

RA: Ok let me update your address

ME: I don’t live in New Mexico, I’m stuck in New Mexico

RA: Oh so you don’t want me to update your address.

ME: I want you to get someone out here to fix my tire. I’m stuck in the middle of the desert at 1am. Do you even have a provider available?

RA: What’s you’re location?

ME: I’m smack dab in the middle of 52A between I25 and 14N. 16 miles from Madrid 14 miles North of 14N (I knew the 14 miles north of 14 N was gonna fuck her up and it did.

RA: 14 miles of North?

ME: I’m the only one a 15 mile stretch of road, I can’t be missed.

RA: I need to get more information for the driver to find you?

ME: Are you even sure you can get someone to me in the middle of the desert at 2am?

RA: I just have a few more questions. What’s the reading in your odometer?

ME: 77,3481

RA: Which tire is flat?

ME: back right

RA: Do you have a spare?

ME: Yes but I’m unsure if it’s good.

RA: Are you alone?

ME: Just me and the dog

RA: How big is the dog?

I almost slammed the phone to pieces in the dashboard. I can here the operator next to her telling the caller she cannot find her a provider.

I’m tempted to hang up and call AAA. I know she won’t find a tow for me but the questions continue.

Clouds roll over the little light provided by the full moon on the unlighted, gravel road. The dog is snoring from her hammock in the back seat. I contemplate sleeping in the car over continuing this conversation.

3 thoughts on “Roadside Assistance | 16 Miles From Madrid New Mexico

  1. “How big is the dog?” LOL Oh my gosh, I was feeling your frustration from my computer screen. Please tell me you didn’t have to spend the night in your car!

    1. She was a big doggie. And no I ended up driving to Madrid on a flat tire. I believe another post ends that tale.

      I just lost my sweet Roadie to old age on Christmas Day!

    2. Sorry for such a delayed reply. I’ve been dealing with some things. NO we limped on a flat tire to Madrid, had the car towed the next day and had to purchase 2 new tires.

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