Farewell to Paradise (A cat rescuers homage)

Edge of the Ridge Paradise California June 15 2019

June 15, 2019, Paradise California. Transfer Station.

It is well past midnight in Paradise California, Butte County. Seven months after the Camp Fire (aka campfire) changed lives and altered landscape forever.

Paradise California June 15 2019
Paradise California feeding station, cat trapping location. Photo by Elizabeth Whitener 2019

PRR (Pet Rescue and Reunification) and FieldHaven Feline Center, have trapped their very last cat for this specific mission.

The Transfer Station, will soon close.

Transfer Station Paradise California
The Transfer Station in Paradise California Temporary cat shelter during the Camp Fire rescue mission in Paradise

More than 600 cats saved in Paradise and Magalia, and still so many out there needing rescue, but the time has come to leave this mission to new hands.

Together in Paradise

Time and circumstance have led us here, to the final kittie round up.

We learned so very much.

Together, with strangers turned friends, I’ve shed tears of joy and sorrow.

Burned out ruins near a cat feeding station in Paradise California
Burned out ruins near a cat feeding station in Paradise California

Living a “Nomadic” life, I have experienced a lot in these past two years. I have personally grown as a rescuer and as a human being in the residue of this tragedy. I gained a new travel companion, along the way.

These hills, strewn with debris and melted cars, will slowly alter and life will prosper.

Life abounds amongst the burned out rubble.

Edge of the Ridge Paradise California June 15 2019
Edge of the Ridge Paradise California June 15 2019

The Earth greens into rebirth despite the sorrows that lay beneath the ashes.

Paradise California Camp Fire excavated burn zone
Sunset on the ridge on land excavated and preparing to rebuild Paradise California. Photo by Elizabeth Whitener Rootless Routes June 2019

Paradise, Magalia and Concow may never be the same, but the will is strong here to rebuild. The sense of renewal is palpable.

To some it may just be a bunch of cats, but to many here, it is the sign of hope.

Image by Forever Friday Design Paradise California
Image by Forever Friday Design Paradise California

Over 600 cats rescued, easily thousands of cats, if all combined rescues are accounted for… and I was a part of it. Just a small part… but part of it nevertheless.

Stay Strong Paradise and Magalia. The sun will continue to rise.

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