Farewell to Paradise (A cat rescuers homage)

Edge of the Ridge Paradise California June 15 2019

June 15, 2019, Paradise California. Transfer Station. It is well past midnight in Paradise California, Butte County. Seven months after the Camp Fire (aka campfire) changed lives and altered landscape forever. PRR (Pet Rescue and Reunification) and FieldHaven Feline Center, have trapped their very last cat for this specific mission. The Transfer Station, will soon […]

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Camper Life – When Free Isn’t Free

Camper life. You’ve heard the term. Relished the stories. Endless blogs filled with smiling tanned faces of subsequent couples living in pure ecstasy with 3 kids in a 50 square foot space. Across the country they travel, without a concern in the world… You know… that life of living ” free “? Well it isn’t […]

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Dusty the Camp Fire Cat

Dusty The Campfire Cat 11/13/2018

On November 8, 2018, a fire started on Camp Creek Road in Paradise California. The resulting fire become the most destructive wildfire in California history. Somehow thousands of kitties survived. Even if locked in homes in completely obliterated neighborhoods, kitties… thousands of kitties… escaped through broken windows. They were found hidden within drain pipes, under […]

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My Endless US Road Trip

Hells Canyon

After a year of countless US Road Trip expeditions, on October 2018 I set out to Austin to help out my 93 year old mother. Mom had fallen and broken her pelvis, so in response to her need, I headed to Austin, Texas to help. This would be my ninth US Road Trip in a […]

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